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I’m a gamer, always have been.

New service of our store Selling a game account:
At the moment, I am interested in accounts ONLY for the game Mortal kombat mobile

Message sending form:
1) Screens of character collection
2) Screens of the collection of things
3) Screens with the currency of the soul / talents / bloody rubies
4) IOS or ANDROID platform
5) Desired price

1) After the initial inspection (according to the screenshots) and the discussion of the price, you transfer the data from the acc and we check it for compliance.
2) After re-linking the account, payment is made.
3) Payment is made only on Qiwi and Yandex Money.

Send your suggestions to the following contacts:
Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram +7 (965) 405-80-22

IMPORTANT: Score reserves the right refuse to buy an account without giving a reason.

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